What Our Clients Are Saying….

“Bridget’s work is extraordinary. She has saved me significant time and money by identifying mistakes and figuring out solutions to problems that others have overlooked. She is proactive and responsive. She does her work with accuracy, conscientiousness, and enthusiasm – she is a real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Bridget!”

Denise Lee Yohn
Independent brand resource
San Diego, CA

“I first met Bridget at a Payroll Seminar she was teaching. Being that my husband and I are new business owners, we decided to have Bridget come in and review our books to see if we were doing things correctly. I am impressed with her knowledge of bookkeeping and will continue to use her services to benefit my business.”

Stephanie and Juan Zamora

“As a small business owner, I concentrated on business development, product design, marketing and other issues I thought essential to ensuring success. Unfortunately, bookkeeping was not high on my priority list, and I found this was a critical issue when it came time to infuse working capital into the company. Bridget’s help in getting our QuickBooks® information current and, most importantly, correct was instrumental in ensuring accurate accounting for both internal and external reasons. Bridget was professional, very helpful, and very patient considering my lack of knowledge of accounting principles. Well worth the very modest fees she charges.”

Nate Caplan, CEO
Universal Natural Laboratories Inc.
San Diego, CA

“I met Bridget while attending her payroll tax seminar. She was friendly and knowledgeable right from the start! I called for help with QuickBooks® and she walked me through step-by-step. It was a pleasure working with her and a comfort knowing I was getting the best direction.”

Lisa Stewart
Pacific HVAC Service
San Diego, CA